информация о франчайзерах и франшизах


информация о франчайзерах и франшизах

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(495) 649-92-18

About the Project

We called TOP 100 Franchising Project into being in an effort to simplify communication between a franchiser and its potential franchisee, submitting to the former the opportunity to show itself, and the latter – to be estimated. If you are a franchiser you can place the information about your company and your product on our site, as well as to take part in TOP 100 Franchising Project; ask a question about how to solve your tasks, enroll in seminar or other event, and also you can find much useful info about franchising. If you are a franchisee you will be able to find your franchiser here; you can ask a question on your top issues, as well as put your name down for seminars where you will find out what franchising is and how to back the right horse.

You can use additional opportunities for communication taking part in virtual exposition – Franchising and Licensing. The exposition is available anywhere at any time. It will give you the advantage of making new contacts and acquiring new partners.

The Project assumes several separate sections.

The information placed in a section does not automatically appear in other sections of the Project.

  1. Franchising and Licensing virtual exposition encourages your trademark promotion, as well as gives complete visual representation of your franchise policy for potential investors and future franchisees. This section serves advertising and informative functions.
  2. Franchisers Rating is a separate project that will contain an open independent franchising network database. It is designed with the aim to reduce commercial risks and to give extra income opportunities to successful franchising systems, to their owners and users.
  3. Franchiser Profile allows a potential franchisee to find information about companies operating the Russian market, as well as to carry out a comparative evaluation of their franchise policies and make a choice.
  4. Open Franchiser Register provides the possibility to store the more complete database containing information about franchise policies and franchisers on the Russian territory. Data allocation is free.
  5. Analytical Section aims at collecting analytical data on modern franchising development tendencies.
  6. Participants Contest. The section is under construction.
  7. Franchising Innovations. The new section is under construction.

Franchising being the form of long-term and profitable business cooperation has won recognition of many countries of the world. Using franchising concepts promotes business initiative and investor willingness, along with rapid implementation of new ideas, and gaining advantages and profits. The number of companies that have announced steering their development into the direction of franchising is growing steadily what proves the demand for this concept.

There is no official statistics in Russia and there is lack of information that could let us make accurate overall assessment of the scope of franchising development. We hope the Project will help us collect the information.

The Project stands for the following aims:

  • The creation of trustworthy database on the market participants that use franchising concept in their business.
  • Provision of open access to the main database for all the interested parties.
  • Selecting companies that rank the top position in the sphere of franchising, according to various factors.
  • Encouraging franchise policy promotion.
  • Providing the possibility to chose franchise policy to entrepreneurs who decided to do business under a trademark that gained reputation in the Russian market.

The Project is supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. Please, send us your feedback and suggestions on TOP 100 Franchising Project, along with your requests for participation in the sections of our Project, to:

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